Sunday, March 15, 2009

How to stay organized?

With all the swaps I've been doing, how do I stay organized? I wish I new. Right now I have a little notebook that fits in my purse. I write down the swap and when it is due (to be mailed). I also write down my swap partner if I know it and what colors and size they like/are. Also what material/items I may need to purchase for the swap. For example, for the Fiesta Swap I wrote down when it was due, who I am mailing it to, what colors she likes, what type of apron she would like, and what materials I would need to find to make the apron - yrds of fabric, buttons, rick rack, ect.
When I have found something on the list I check it off. When I have completed it I draw a line through the page. I have finished the Fiesta Apron, it's now waiting to be washed and pressed.

I don't really like the way I'm doing it right now, creative juices just aren't flowing in the organization department right now. If you have any suggestions please comment. I'm open to all suggestions. My only thing is I need to be able to carry it in my purse. I have to have it when I shop or go to post office.

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  1. I do mine similarly with a few changes.
    I use an regular sized piece of paper and make columns with: name of swap, date to send, date I SENT and date I RECEIVED. I keep this next to the computer in a safe place.
    Then I made a folder in my yahoo mailbox and named it "swap info." It holds the original email from the swap host and any pertinent info given me at the time...including emails from my partner if it isn't a secret swap.
    I print off my info from my swap info folder and take it with me.
    That way, it is all there for me but isn't super bulky. Plus, once I have my swap complete, I'm not carrying extra info I don't need anymore. If I do that, I overspend on swaps.
    Also, I don't scratch the swap off my main list until I receive mine too.