Monday, March 9, 2009

What have I been doing?

Wow! It's been awhile since I posted anything. My goal for this year was to update at least once a week. Been busy here with this and that lately. But I do have projects I've completed.
I've joined the Swap-Bot community. I've finished my first swaps already. Well I've finished mine and sent them out. I've only received 1 so far, but the deadline isn't here yet. Here's a few pics.

This one is for a Scavenger hunt. I had to include something from each of the following categories: Something with light blue/ robin egg blue, Some type of ribbon/ trim, Some type of sewing tool, Something on a spool, Something at least half a yard

My next one was a 9 Batch Quilt that had to be 10.5. I had 2 partners and had to make 2 for each. Some people requested specific colors, I just looked at their profiles to see what colors each liked. The first one I did, she liked the spring/happy colors.

This was the first time I ever did the 9 Batch, and I think I did really good. I do have to work on getting my lines straight though.

The next swap I was in was a Pack Work Pin Cushion. I've only made one pin cushion so far so I picked this swap to learn new ways of making them. They gave an example for one here. I thought about doing it, but changed my mind at the last minute. I went with just a square block.

I really like it. I think I might make one for my self. I thought about putting a couple of buttons on it, and decided it looked just fine without any. It kind of has an Asian feel to it. Maybe I'm wrong.

I have still been working on my quilts. I have one almost all cut out. Just have to cut the light color for it. I have a few patterns for dresses for my girls, unfortunetely they are too big. My aunt is an avid sewer and has a lot of patterns. As I was thinking about just making a pattern in the one dress I wanted to make my girls, I remembered I have a neice who loves to wear skirts and dresses. Guess what, the patterns are in her size, yeah. I bought a couple of really nice aqua blue fabrics (different styles) for my girls, so I have to go find something for my niece now. Her favorite colors are purple, pink, green and orange.

My books should be here today!!! Bend the Rules Sewing and a couple of Amy Butler books. I can't wait to try the handbag pattern, so I can get that swap started. I like to get my swaps done long before the deadline. That way I can take on more.

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