Saturday, May 2, 2009

OMGosh it's May!?

I can't believe it's May already. Were did this year go? I know it's been a long time since I've blogged, but I do have an excuse - it's been so nice here. We have had some really great days, so I've been busy outside painting, weeding, mowing, just playing with the kids outside. I even went out and purchased a bike and trailer for the girls. We went on our first bike ride the other day. It really kicked my butt.

I've done a few sewing projects, forgot to take pictures though. I finally finished the girls dress's. I only had to put buttons on them. It took so long to really find buttons I liked. I went to put them on and I couldn't find them. So I got stuck putting some other buttons on it. I can always change them once I find the ones I really purchased for them. Now looking at the pictures and even with the dress on Elizabeth - I should have made her's longer. I will know for next time.

I love getting pictures done professionally of my girls. The last time we went to even try Elizabeth wanted nothing to do with it. Today, she was excellent. I choose to go to Walmart's Pictureme studio. Not bad in price. I was even able to purchase the whole sitting on a disc so I now have copyrights to all the pictures. I did order 1 set of 30 prints that they offered. Unfortunately I was only able to use 1 picture for all 30. So now that I have the cd and the rights, I can go anywhere and get my pictures printed a whole lot cheaper then through Pictureme. Which I really think all picture places are overly priced for prints.


  1. Hey Angela,
    I would love to add you to my PIF, but I need you to list a mailing address OR go back to my blog and email me from my profile there.

  2. Your girls are so cute!
    They look lovely in these special matching dresses!
    I'm impressed . . .