Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Dinner

We had Easter Dinner with my family yesterday, here at my house. 16 people, adults and kids all in my house that seems to be too small for my family of 4. We had a lot of fun though. I made the ham and stuffed potatoes. My sister made up the green bean casserole and my sister in law brought cupcakes for desert. My mom brought a pasta salad, while my aunt brought the pickles and olives. We are the family that loves our pickles.
Here are some pictures of the bags I made up for the kids to go outside and find Easter Eggs with. Our baskets never seem to be big enough.

We also purchased a trampoline on Friday. Everyone has their own opinions on this, so please do not preach to me. To me, they have way more pros than cons. Plus it has a safety net, so I totally am in love with it. I don't like it when people purchase items, and don't purchase the proper safety. If you buy a boat, don't you buy life vests? If you bought your kids a bike, wouldn't you buy a helmet? At least I would hope you would. So why wouldn't you buy the safety net that goes around a trampoline? To me it only makes sense.


  1. I bet the kids had a blast at your house!

    I'm going to have to "steal" your potato recipe -- sounds great!

    rumblegirl from swap-bot)

  2. Thank you so much for the comments on my blog. I think I like you too lol

    PS: Totally miss the days of jumping on a trampoline. It's akin to flying and although that was never the super power I wanted it was such a great feeling as a kid.

  3. Thats a great potato recipe, I will be trying it this weekend. Nice to see others love pickles too :) Looks like a fun day

    NezumiWorld (swap-bot)

  4. Angela! I got my Fiesta Apron Swap from you today! It's gorgeous - I love everything! but I am having trouble reading one character in your e-mail address. I've asked Val for it, but thought I would post a Thank You here, too! It's all great - the potholder is so cute and useful with the pockets for fingers. I love the apron - it's so colorful and the buttons are awesome! I guess I'm going to have to go get some Tequila tomorrow :-) Nadine C in Washington