Sunday, April 19, 2009

Feista Apron Swap

My secret swapper was Nadine, and she received her package already! Let me tell you, sometimes USPS surprise me on how fast they are. She emailed me and told me how much she liked it all. I'm absolutely glad she did. I always get nervous about whether or not my partners are going to like what they receive from me.

I haven't been really busy with crafting this week, it's been gorgeous outside, so I got a lot of yard work done. I have made a few magnets for my Swap-Bot swap (will post pics soon). I'm hoping to get my butt moving and make a few more and open an etsy shop. Wishful thinking right now though. I've been so busy with my swaps, yard work and getting everything in order for school - that I haven't had time to just make things for fun. Hopefully soon everything will slow down.


  1. Sweet blog. The zucchini sticks sound yummy, the apron is adorable and the bags for the Easter egg hunt looked quite cute.